The Top 15 Camping Movies for Kids {At home & The Campsite}

There are so many camping movies for kids out there to get a taste of what they’re missing from heading out on a camping trip. 

Camping Movies for Kids 

From the classics to some of the more modern makes from the crew over at Disney, there are tons to choose from. So, here at Camping Cubs, we’ve gathered together our top 15 picks of camping movies for kids that you simply can’t live without.

They’re great for both the pre-camping excitement boost and the showing on the small screen under the stars. Whether you’re looking for some funny children’s camping films or even a musical, let’s get going. Here’s a selection of the best camping films ever made!

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camping films for kids

Camp Nowhere (1994)

This is a great start to our list and one you might remember from your own childhood. In fact, it’s one of the many great classic kids movies about camping and, with a PG rating, you know there’s not too much troublesome behaviour! Following a group of kids setting up their own camp to escape their parents, this is one for the whole family.

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Camp Rock (2008)

This musical number from Disney might be worth saving until you’re out in the wilderness (unless, of course, you want to listen to the soundtrack on repeat while driving up the M6 to the Lake District). With catchy songs and a Universal rating, this is the story of a girl just trying to fit in. Camp Rock shows that camping movies for kids can also include great morals and feel-good music that even us parents find ourselves singing along to every now and again.

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Daddy Day Camp (2007)

Cuba Gooding Jr plays a relatable father trying to do what any good dad would: give his son the best Summer camp experience possible. Perhaps not too dissimilar to what you’re looking to do for your own kids right now! As one of our favourite funny children’s camping films, the PG rating means you can let the kids enjoy this one without too much worry. If the name sounds familiar it might be because this is a sequel to the equally hilarious Daddy Day Care (which actually featured Eddie Murphy as the main character).

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Ernest Goes to Camp (1987)

You’ll likely recognise the name Ernest from his various other adventurous family friendly movies. This classic is one of those funny children’s camping films that will get your nostalgia going (and likely still tickle the funny bone). Another PG rating

makes this movie a great one to grow the children’s excitement for their camping trip. Get comfortable and enjoy the wacky comedy as Ernest, the lovable loser, goes to camp.

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Fred 3: Camp Fred (2012)

Fred Figglehorn is on his way to Summer camp. And your kids can go with him. This particular movie is a little more whacky than others out there and you’ll want to make sure your headphones are in-check for the viewing period. But, if your cubs have been fans of the Fred YouTube series, they’ll be sure to love this featurette. In fact, this is one of the kids movies about camping that is actually part of a series (and you might find yourself hooked into the rest of the trilogy, too). P.S. while it’s a hearty TV-PG movie, it might not be for the eyes of the youngest in your troop.

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Kids Movies About Camping

Heavyweights (1995)

Heavyweights is a one of our more niche camping movies for kids, coming from our cousins across the pond. They focus on letting kids free and expressing some certain pent-up bodily energies in this camp run by a fitness guru (who is played by Ben Stiller). Focusing on the spirit of competition and teamwork, this is bound to get your little ones in the mood for some fun and active sports after you’ve pitched your tent.

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Holes (2003)

While a movie about a desert detention camp isn’t going to be entirely reflective of the family camping trip in Snowdonia, it’s certainly not one to be missing off the film list. Our little’uns love to see a sense of adventure across new worlds, and while they bask in the glory of green grassy nights looking up at the stars around the campfire, they can be casting their minds off into the desert to think about the range of different types of camping trips there really are out there in the wilderness (even if it is in the American style!). Plus, a movie with a hint of Sigourney Weaver could never go amiss.

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It Takes Two (1995)

We’d be surprised if no-one remembers watching at least one film featuring the adorable Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. With a story reminiscent to The Parent Trap the twins play a pair of identical strangers trying to matchmake their parents. If your little one’s love watching the twins on their hilarious adventures in this film (as much as ours did) then you’ll be pleased to know there’s lots more Olsen twin films to entertain them for hours to come.

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Meatballs (1979)

With a wealth of slapstick comedy, Meatballs is one of those funny children’s camping films that will keep the kids laughing from start to finish. As one of the older camping movies for kids in our list, the cast and the humour is aimed at the slightly bigger cubs, but still PG rated. This is one you might want to cosy-up with the kids and watch yourself as it features the always hilarious Bill Murray in one of his first ever leading film roles!

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Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

This quirky, colourful and visually stunning film is a feast for the eyes. A PG-13 story about young love, your youngest of the troop might not be able to appreciate the story. However, they’ll still love the intricately designed visuals on screen. For your kids stepping into their teenage years, though, this will be a guaranteed winner to keep them busy during the long drives. This one will certainly set a spark in the creative parts of your kids’ minds.

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Funny Children’s Camping Films

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (1977)

The Peanuts gang are heading to Summer camp in this beautifully crafted animation. Your cubs might already be fans of Charlie Brown and Snoopy (we certainly were as kids!) so this is an easy choice to place in our top camping movies for kids. Thanks to a G rating, you know that this is a worry-free watch. Based on the classic comic strips, this animation stands the test of time and will entertain not just your kids but maybe your grandkids (eventually) too!

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RV: Runaway Vacation (2006)

The Munro family are out on a disaster-filled but hilarious adventure in their hired RV. While not necessarily the traditional style of camping, this is still a great one to get the kids ready for all the excitement of a camping holiday. It’ll help them look out the window and appreciate the various views out little island has to offer, even if it is a little different to American sights like the Grand Canyon. Starring the late Robin Williams, you know that this one is bound to be a family favourite.

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Scooby Doo: Camp Scare (2010)

You’ll likely already know if your little ones are fans of the gang that solves mysteries in their trusty Mystery Machine. So, what better way to introduce them to camping than with characters that they already love to watch on screen? The team head out to the Summer camp that Fred used to love in his younger days but then they find something strange in the nearby woods! It’s a sure-fire winner with your little ones, just make sure you’ve got them plenty of Scooby-snacks to keep them both fed and entertained.

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The Great Outdoors (1988)

Following a traditional Hollywood definition of a dysfunctional family, The Great Outdoors is full of misfortune and mini disasters that will fill your home with laughter. A PG rating guarantees that those laughs will be family-friendly throughout. Focusing on the untamed nature of an idyllic woodlands vacation, this is actually one of those kids movies about camping that will get everyone excited for the great outdoors (no pun intended). Plus, it’ll be a little more scenically related to the great camping adventures we can experience right here in the UK. After all, we have a few stunning mountains, a few lakes, the planes and some woodlands!

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The Parent Trap (1998, plus the 1961 version for a bonus!)

So, you might be getting a little bit of Deja Vu when we say these films follow the story of a pair of identical strangers playing matchmakers with their parents. Unlike in the Olsen Twins “It Takes Two”, the kids in this movie discover they’re not actually strangers after all but long-lost twin siblings! Full of laughs, a Summer camp and traditional camping, both versions of these classic camping movies for kids are the perfect kick-start to any camping holiday.

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And that makes 15 of the best camping movies for kids out there. From teaching them what not to do to giving them a good idea of how to have fun in the middle of nowhere.


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