⛺ Hello!

If you love camping with friends or now have a family to bring along for the ride, buckle up – because this site is for you! 

We all know that camping is awesome.

You get to build tents, make fires, have an excuse to eat hot dogs whenever you want and explore the gloriousness that is Mother Nature. 

Here at Camping cubs, it won’t surprise you to know that we LOVE

camping. It’s pretty much our favourite thing to do.

Fortunately, with a family in tow, we now have a whole team of people to help get the hard work done so we can sit back, relax and get to mapping our days out in the Great Outdoors. 

Since it’s your job to plan the fun, we’ve put together an entire site to help you make the most of your camping trip. 

This will make things much better than just setting up a tent in the middle of the woods and hoping something fun happens. 

When you don’t go prepared, the only thing that might happen is Bigfoot knocking on your tent in the middle of the afternoon asking if he can borrow some marshmallows. That would be pretty cool though. 

Our camping site will make sure you have the best camping trip possible, with ideas for every step of the journey: 

?️ What to pack for optimal family awesomeness 

? Meal and snack ideas so you don’t just eat hot dogs and marshmallows (though they are delicious…) 

? Games and activity suggestions that quickly stop the bickering

?‍♂️ Equipment to make your setup easy, usable and memorable 

Make the right sort of memories….

Family camping trips will serve up memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t let those memories be things like “hey, remember when Dad couldn’t get the fire started for the first three days of the trip” or “whenever we went camping, we just kind of sat around doing nothing, it was so boring…and why did mum keep talking about Bigfoot and marshmallows?” 

Camping cubs wants to get you so excited for your camping trip that you’ll have the car loaded, the music blasting, the snacks on hand and a tattoo that reads CAMPING-4-LIFE freshly inked on your forearm. 

From basic tent camping to full on luxury RV camping and everything in between, this is your site for camping perfection. No, we can’t go and light the campfire for you…but we can help with pretty much everything else! 

Family camping made fun is here. Now let’s get packing.

Disclaimer: The likelihood of running into Bigfoot in the middle of the afternoon is pretty low. The odds of him knocking on your tent asking for marshmallows? Even lower. But. We would suggest keeping an extra bag handy for him. 

He really likes marshmallows, because honestly…who doesn’t?