How to keep your dog warm while camping

Camping with your dog and want to make sure he’s warm enough? This post will tell you exactly how to do that!

keep your dog warm when camping

Going camping with your dog is a lot of fun, they make for great company while you’re out on the road and it’s a great form of exercise for them too! 

Dogs love having new territories to explore and spending time with you, so going camping together is the perfect trip for them!

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✅ How cold is too cold for dog camping

With the exception of dogs that are meant to live in freezing conditions such as Alaskan Malamutes or Siberian Huskies, most dogs need a little bit of help to stay warm if you’re out camping with them during the winter months. 

Luckily, there are lots of super easy options you can go for in order to keep your dog nice and warm while you are away together.


Let them sleep inside your tent or camper with you

It is important that there is space for your dog to sleep inside your tent or camper-van with you when you are camping together.

Night time gets far too cold for most dogs to be outside all night; it is important that they stay warm by sleeping inside with you. 

Remember! If it is too cold for you to sleep outdoors, then it’s too cold for your dog too!

how to keep your dog warm when camping

Bring a sleeping bag and a bed for your dog

Not only is it important that your dog sleeps inside your tent or camper with you, but it’s important that they have a specific bed and sleeping bag to keep them warm. 

Just like humans do, dogs need some extra layers to keep them warm during cold nights. 

If you are camping in a tent then begin by laying down a tarp to insulate against the cold ground. 

After this, lay down the dog bed and have a well-insulated sleeping bag for your dog to sleep in.  If it’s really cold out, then you might want to consider a fleece blanket as well. 

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Absorbent towel

If it is likely that your dog will get wet while you’re out and about during the day, then it is important to bring an absorbent towel with you to dry them off effectively. 

This will prevent your dog from getting overly chilly due to being cold for a long period of time.


Warm water bottle

For some extra heat, try putting some hot water into a bottle and wrapping it in a towel or blanket. 

This is a good idea for warming up your dog after a day out in the cold, or for overnight if you want to make sure that they can maintain heat all night long. 

Before placing the bottle beside your dog, put it against your own skin to make sure that it is a suitable temperature – if it’s too hot for you, make sure you cool it down before placing it beside your pup.

Bring a doggie jacket 

It is important to layer your pup up when you know that it’s going to be cold outside!

camping with dogs in the cold

Buying a doggie jacket provides important insulation that will keep your dog warm when you’re out and about on cold days. 

There are so many options to choose from and you can pick one that suits the needs of your dog the best, such as waterproof or fleece-lined. 

If it’s going to be very cold where you’re going, make sure you pick one that is suitably thick.


Dog paws can handle cold temperatures much better than human feet can, but they can still get cold or hurt when in the cold for too long.

Purchasing some dog booties will help protect your pup’s feet if it is snowy or icy outside as well as keeping them warmer in general.

It is a good idea to have your dog practice walking in the booties before you set out on your trip as it can take them a little while to adjust to how they feel.

keeping your dog warm when camping

High-energy food, and more of it

Normally during winter months dog owners will slightly decrease the amount of food that they give to their dogs since they naturally get less exercise when it is cold outside. 

However, when camping the opposite is actually true. 

Naturally, your dog will get more exercise when you are out camping and will also be exposed to lower temperatures, which means that they are going to need more food than they would normally get in winter.

Furthermore, try to focus on giving your dog more high-energy foods than normal.  This will keep them more energized in the cooler temperatures.

How do I know if my dog is too cold?

There are a few signs that you can look out for that means your dog might be cold; check on these regularly in order to make sure that your dog is keeping a good temperature:

  • If your dog is cold to the touch, then this is a good sign that they may need to be warmed up
  • If they are shivering 
  • If they are sleeping much more than usual or appear to be fatigued/lethargic
  • If they are whimpering
  • If your dog is acting at all differently from usual, keep an eye on them and bear in mind the possibility that they could be cold.

Camping with your dog is one of the most fun things that you can do together, plus it is a great opportunity for them to get plenty of exercise and be outdoors far more, which is always a great thing for them! 

As long as you take note of the above options when you are preparing for your trip, you will not run into any problems with the weather or temperature. 

Keep an eye on how your dog reacts to different temperatures and make sure that they seem like themselves, and you are bound to have an amazing trip!

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