✅ Best dog sleeping bag

Looking for the best dog sleeping bag? It can get a little chilly when you’re camping at night in the UK, so to make sure your four legged friend’s snug as a bug at night time, we’ve reviewed some of the best dog sleeping bags.

✅ Sleeping bags for dogs

If you’re planning a camping trip and you’ve got a dog, you’re likely going to be planning on taking them with you.

Dogs love nothing more than being out and about with their families but after a long day exploring the great outdoors, you might be wondering where they’re going to sleep?

Thinking of taking your dog camping?

Most of us would want our dogs in our tents with us, but since space in a sleeping bag can be a little tight, you may want to consider getting your dog a sleeping bag all of his own.

Made especially for camping, there are a range of sleeping bags you can get for your dog so they get a warm nights sleep ready for another busy day.

There are a fair few to choose from so we’ve reviewed the best of them, tested them out and have our favourites below.

✅ Sleeping bags for dogs

What do you need to look for in a sleeping bag for your dog? Well it depends. Sleeping bags range from the super snuggly for sub zero temperatures to more lightweight versions that really just provide your dog with their own space to settle down in warmer climates.

A day spent outside might leave your dog muddy and wet so having somewhere for your dog to sleep that can withstand different weather conditions is important.


So what should you look for?


If your dog ends up damp and muddy, you’ll want a sleeping bag for them that’s not going to absorb moisture. If you’re planning to use the sleeping bag outside as well as inside your tent, you need to make sure the bag is windproof so your dog can shield against the elements if they decide to take a break for a nap!

dog sleeping bag


Your dogs sleeping bag needs to be durable. If you’re a seasoned camper, the bag will get rolled up tightly over and over and so it needs to be tough enough to be packed and unpacked multiple times. Some dogs also dig before they settle down…so the sleeping bag must be tear proof to keep the outer cover intact.



Loading up your car for a camping trip never leaves much space left, so whichever sleeping bag you end up getting for your dog need to be light enough to move around easily, and pack away as small as possible while you’re travelling. A carry case with handles is also a good idea, but some do have these built into the sleeping bag.

Easy to clean

After every camping trip, you dogs sleeping bag will probably need a good clean. A bag that can go in a hot wash is a must for us, and being able to go into the tumble dryer to fluff it back up again is pretty handy too.


A sleeping bag that can open right out and double as a mat for your dog is really handy. You can use this as a resting place for your dog while you’re out and about then zip it up at night for them to snuggle down in!

✅ Do you need a sleeping bag for your dog?

Are sleeping bags for dogs a necessity?

When dogs are away from their home surroundings, even if they’re with their people, it can be comforting for them to have a place that’s theirs and smells of them. Apart from the benefits we talked about above, once you’ve taken your dog camping a few times with his sleeping bag he’ll get to know his sleeping bag being bought out means adventure!

If you’re concerned with keeping your dog warm and away from cold weather, a bag for your dog is a must. And we think he’d agree too!

✅ Sleeping bags for small dogs

Many sleeping bags come in a range of sizes, but not all of them cater for really small dogs. These ones here are perfect for a Pug sized dog, but check the measurements of these bags against your dog to make sure they’re kept cozy at night!

Alcott Explorer Dog Sleeping Bag

Alcott Explorer Dog Sleeping Bag, Small/Medium, Grey/Green
90 Reviews
Alcott Explorer Dog Sleeping Bag, Small/Medium, Grey/Green
  • Top is completely removable (it zips!)
  • Rolls up for easy storage + travel

This bag is made from fully washable water proof fabric and measures 20″ x 27″ (50.8cm x 68cm) when laid out flat. It does tend to come up on the small side though, so bear that in mind when buying. It is also a really good price for a sleeping bag that should last you for many camping trips to come!

Pet Parade Pet Cave Dog Bed by Jobar

Pet Parade Pet Cave Dog Bed by Jobar
  • Suitable for cats, small dogs, puppies and rabbit
  • Cover is removable and machine washable

✅ Sleeping bags for medium dogs

Most dog sleeping bags made for medium sized dogs and upwards, and these ones here are some of the best we’ve found. Check the sizing of these bags against your dog to make sure you get the right fit.

Ruffwear Sleeping Bag for Dogs

This Ruffwear dog sleeping bag is a bit of a treat, with a slightly higher price tag than some of the others, however, if you’re serious about camping, this bag will last your dog many years. The quality is superb, as you’d expect from Ruffwear.

Ruffwear Sleeping Bag for Dogs, Ideal for Camping and Backpacking, One Size – Suitable for Most Breeds, Meadow Green, Highlands Sleeping Bag, 1060-345M
  • Lightweight and compact sleeping bag for dogs, For warmth and protection from hard, cold surfaces, Perfect for camping and backpacking, One...
  • Soft synthetic insulation and sleep sack design for maximum comfort and warmth, Water-resistant and quick drying fabric for easy removal of...
dog sleeping bag

iEnergy JUL

iEnergy JUL - dog blanket sleeping bag dog bed for dogs, ideal for camping, vacation, hiking, backpacking and excursions, one size for all breeds, 105x75x2.5cm (ONE)
  • iEnergy JUL Sleeping Bag for dogs is perfect for camping, hiking and backpacking, an ultra-lightweight and compact sleeping blanket and...
  • The soft synthetic insulation and sleep sack design gives maximum comfort and warmth. The sleeping bag is water-resistant and has quick...

✅ Sleeping bags for large dogs

Large dogs need a large sleeping bag, and these ones we tried out here did the job, and would be perfect for even the biggest of dogs!

TEEPAO Dog Sleeping Bag

This dog sleeping bag is a brilliant price, although bear in mind it’s not as insulated as some of the others, so would be better suited to warmer weather.

TEEPAO Dog Sleeping Bag Large, Waterproof Pet Outdoor Bed Backpacking Soft Kennel Mat with Portable Storage Bag for Travel Camping Hiking, Water Resistant - 45''* 29'' (Orange)
  • [ Comfort & Waterproof ] - The outer layer is waterproof nylon and the inner layer is soft fleece, make your pet more comfortable.
  • [ Large Size ] - 45'' x 29'', comfortable sleeping bag for small, medium and large pets, warm and wear resistant.

Soundwinds Pet Sleeping Bag

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