Portable dog fences for camping UK

Portable dog fences for camping in the UK can be an essential bit of kit if you’re staying in a campsite around other campers or you’re concerned your dog will run off. We’ve reviewed some of the best portable dog fences, perfect for camping to help you find the one best suited for your dog.

✅ The best portable dog fences for camping

✅ Going away and looking for a portable fence for your dog?

If you’re going camping with your dog, the chances are you’re going to need a portable fence of some sort to keep your dog from wandering off.

Most dogs love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors but when you need some downtime, a portable dog fence will allow your dog to be off the lead and outside, while remaining safe and within your sight.

✅ Temporary dog fence outdoor UK

Taking a temporary dog fence on your camping trip means when you’re relaxing at the end of the day, you won’t have to worry about your dog either being shut up in the tent or worse, wandering off.

He’ll be able to see you and be outside with space to move about, while staying safe.


✅ What should you look for when choosing a dog fence for a camping trip?

  • Strength – depending on the type of dog you have, the dog fence needs to be sturdy enough to keep your dog from knocking it over
  • Portability – the whole point of taking a dog fence on a camping trip is that it’s portable, so one that’s easy to put together and dismantle is a must. Likewise, it’s a good idea to get one that isn’t too heavy
  • Size – getting a dog fence that’s the right size for your dog means they’ll be happier to stay in it for longer
  • Height – something often overlooked but pretty vital is the height of the fence. Some dogs can jump really high, and escaping over the fence becomes a game. If your dog can jump high, make sure the fence you choose is tall enough that your dog can’t jump over
  • Material – If you want your dog fence to last over time, choose one that’s been treated with an anti corrosion coating. Plastic fences are fine for smaller dogs, but bigger dogs will likely need the strength offered by a metal fence

✅ Best camping fences for dogs

The best camping fence for your dog is going to depend on the size of your dog. You know him best of all and so while these camping dog fences are some of the best on the market in the UK, make sure you get one that suits your particular dog!

? Yaheetech 8 Panel Metal Dog Pen

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Extra Wide Dog Playpen, 6 Panel 80cm Dog Fence Pet Exercise Pen for Large/Medium Dogs/Small Animals Rabbit Run Cat Fence Suitable for Indoor/Garden/Yard
  • ????【Heavy-duty Metal】Made of a heavy-duty metal frame with an electro-coating finish, oxidation resistant and waterproof 1.5 ×1.5 cm /...
  • ????【Open Playpen】 This pet fence creates an open-top enclosed area for pets to play and exercise. This see-through semi-open playpen...

What did we like about this dog fence?

This playpen for dogs was without question the best of the bunch. It’s really sturdy, it’s going to keep bigger dogs contained without any problems, and it’s now particularly heavy making it perfect for travelling.

The sides of the pen are also pretty slim which makes it easy to pack up in the car, and it can also be used as a fence panel to block an open entrance if that’s what you need.


You can join more than one dog playpen together so you can make a huge area for your dog, although obviously this means more packing space in your car, but if you’ve got the room, joining two together makes a super comfortable space for your dog to play in. You could easily fit their bed in there as well for when they need some downtime.

The pen comes with it’s own stakes so you can secure it to the ground if you need to, and you don’t need any tools to be able to out it together quickly. Definitely our favourite dog fence!

? Foldable Metal Dog fence (AmazonBasics)

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Dog Pen Puppy Pen 6 Panel Pet Playpen for dog Cat Duck Rabbit Pet Exercise Pen Indoor Outdoor 63cm High
  • ????【Great for Camping】The foldable and portable design of this puppy playpen allows for hassle-free transfer from your residence to...
  • ????【Not Just for Dogs】This dynamic and expandable pet fence is not limited to dogs and is suitable for small or medium-sized animals...

What did we like about this dog fence?

Part of AmazonBasics range, this portable dog fence is a really god option if you’re not looking to spend as much as some of the others. It’s suitable for dogs up to 16 inches tall, so better suited to smaller dogs. This pen is made from rust proof iron, has a lockable latch and when all the panels are connected, creates a large 16ft enclosure.

Portable dog fences for camping UK

You’ll get the ground pegs to secure it to the floor when you’re out camping, you need no tools to put together and it folds away completely flat for easy storage. If you need the fence to be smaller you can simply take panels out and create a smaller space, like wise you can add more panels to make more space if needed. This ones a really good budget option that’s well made enough to last for quite a few camping trips!

? Heavy Duty Puppy Playpen by Cozy Pet

What did we like about this dog fence?

This portable dog fence is made for puppies, so the smaller size reflects that. The floor is really good for puppies and any accidents can be easily cleaned up. The floor tray isn’t fixed either so you can leave the pen with a dirt or grass floor if you’re outside or out the tray in and a blanket or bed for cooler weather for you pup.

You can put this up and take it down again and store it but you might need two pairs of hands as it’s a little fiddly in places, but overall, as a place for your puppy to feel safe while you’re outside, this is a good option.

✅ Roll up portable dog fence

For smaller, or older dogs, a roll up portable dog fence might be what you’re looking for. While these don’t offer the sturdiness of a steel dog fence, for many dogs this is more than enough to keep them contained and safe. Made from reinforced plastic and coming in rolls of up to 50m, this dog fence might be the ideal solution for your camping trip.

? Best roll up portable dog fence

Agility Course Edging/Dog Safety Fence/Constructionfence, Camping fence, Demarcation Fence – 1 m high, Extra Strong (30m roll)
  • Very strong tear resistant synthetic safety fence (approx. 150g/m2)
  • All-weather capable UV resistant synthetic material (PP) in blue

What did we like about this roll up dog fence?

When you’re camping, there are loads of places to hook the ends of this plastic fence to, and it’s super easy to use if you’ve got these fence poles, as you can put the fence up for your dog in minutes and take it down just as quickly.

With there being so much on a roll, we were able to make a huge enclosure for our dog, and the roll is so lightweight it’s easy to take with you on your days out and put up just about anywhere you can dig a fence pole into the ground.

Portable dog fences for camping UK

✅ DIY portable dog fence

If your camping trips and one off and not something you’re planing to do again anytime soon, you might want to look at making a DIY dog fence for a one off trip.

While this isn’t really recommended as it’s just safer for your dog to be secured properly, you know your dog and might feel they’ll be okay for short periods with a DIY dog fence.

There is a plastic mesh you can buy called Tenax Plastic Mesh, and coupled with some fencing poles, can be made into a make shift dog fence.

It’s not as strong as the roll up dog fence we talked about above, so it’s a good idea to out your dog on a long leash even within the contained area you’ve created.

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