The best luxury folding camping chairs

We’ve reviewed some of the best luxury folding camping chairs on the market. Camping definitely doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable!

When you’re out camping, you’re under the stars.

While that might be beautiful and an unforgettable experience to be had with friends and family, the UK can sometimes be a little uncomfortable.

Whether it’s the slate beaches in Wales or the cold mountains in the Peak District.

So, sometimes, a little luxury just needs to be sprinkled on top in order to make the camping trip beautiful and unforgettable for the right reasons; with comfort in mind through luxury folding camping chairs.

You might be wondering what on Earth could make a camping chair luxurious.

As seasoned campers, we often overlook the little extras, but after being able to land our tush in a few different camping seats over the years, we know the features that would make a chair stand-out in the deluxe aisle.


It is the little extras; faux fur or suede for warmth, reclining modular for getting the feet

off the ground or the true lumbar support needed after a long day hiking.

The Best Luxury Folding Camping Chair UK

Finding the right luxury folding camping chairs for you can be a story of exploration to
see which of the luxurious features will best suit you and your trip.

For example, will you prefer the faux fur on a cold night by the fire or would you rather
an extendable leg platform to give your feet some anti-gravity TLC?

Here at Camping Cubs, we’ve gathered together five of our favourite luxury chairs for
you to have a look at:

KingCamp heavy duty camping chair

KingCamp Folding Camping Chairs for Adluts Heavy Duty Directors Chair with Cooler Bag and Side Table Support up to 150KG
1,302 Reviews
KingCamp Folding Camping Chairs for Adluts Heavy Duty Directors Chair with Cooler Bag and Side Table Support up to 150KG
  • SIDE TABLE AND COOLER BAG: Camping chairs for heavy people with a side table on the right side which has a cup holder to help you keep water...
  • BIG AND COMFORTABLE SEAT: Foldable chair size of (110/ 53 × 58 × 44/ 95 CM) makes it big enough for a big guy. Delicate and smooth hard...

KingCamp have taken the action out of the park and into the wilderness this

Their Heavy-Duty Camping Chair is specially designed to incorporate key care and support to the lumbar regions of your lower back and pelvis.

Using Oxford fabric for that extra-luxurious touch, you’ll also have armrests, a
cooler bag, easy access, head storage, a side pocket, durable material, and a
lightweight carry right at your fingertips.

This particular line in KingCamp extends to a comforting 60cm long, 60cm wide
and 97cm tall for maximised hugging as well as a tall seat to make sitting and
standing a plain-sailing effort.

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Black Comfy Saucer Plush Moon Chair

ALPHA CAMP Portable Camping Folding Moon Chair, Oversized Heavy Duty Camping Chairs, Outdoor Fishing Folding Chair with Portable Carry Bag for Adults and Heavy People, Black
  • Frame Stable and Easy to Carry:This foldable camping chair has a durable heavy-duty steel stable frame, more stable construction. It can...
  • Unique and Considerate Design: The unique design covers your whole body and allows you to completely immerse yourself in a comfortable and...

The holy grail of comfort and cosy nights curled into a plush moon chair is here.
The Alpha Camp Oversized Black Comfy Saucer is lined with a thick plush covering

to keep you warm and gazing at the clear night sky on the ultimate camping trip in the UK.
But, it’s not only its looks that have brought it to the top table of luxury folding camping chairs.

This highly durable saucer has extra straps on the underside to enhance tear strength and is constructed with hammer tone powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion of the chair’s skeleton.

With this (and an extra cup holder because, why not?), Alpha Camp’s luxury chair unfolds to become a sizeable 90cm long, 80cm wide and 90cm tall.

However, make sure you’ve got your weight-bearing shoulders on as this beast
comes to 7.4kg!

Sunmer Padded Camping Chair

SUNMER Padded Camping Chairs - Set of 2 Deluxe Folding Chairs with Cup Holder and Side Pockets, Holds up to 120kg - Lightweight 3.3kg per Chair - Black & Grey
  • SET OF TWO DELUXE PADDED CAMPING CHAIRS: These SUNMER Deluxe Padded Camping Chairs are the ideal way to soak up the summer sun when the...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Weighing just 3.3KG per chair, these camping chairs will have no problems being transported or stored away. They...

This popular choice for many outings in the UK has earned its rightful place
here in Camping Cubs’ top five.

Using padded comfort, breathable mesh fabric inserts, cup holders, magazine
holders, weatherproof boning and stylish colours of black and beige, it ticks all the boxes.


The only other thing allowing it to soar ahead in the race is the lightweight and portability factor.

It folds into a small bag and is only 3.3kg.
On the whole, the chair is a no-brainer for easy access and added comfort.

When it comes to the dimensions, the chair unfolds into a tall 58cm long, 60cm
wide and 110cm tall seat to give proper comfort and support around the upper
back and neck.

KingCamp Moon Saucer Leisure

Here with another listing in the top five is KingCamp.

Their Moon Saucer Leisure is the height of ‘extra’ using everything they know best from their Heavy Duty Camping Chair and sharing it with a unique and flexible seating shape to the range.

With the saucer shape, it makes it a candidate for effective lounging and relaxing in a multitude of positions rather than sitting in the conventional style with the legs down.
Crossed legs, legs to the side, an extra person sharing the seat; it’s all possible
with luxury folding camping chairs like the Moon Saucer Leisure.

XGear Folding Reclining Camping Chair

XGEAR Camping Chairs Folding Reclining Portable Chair with Cup Holder Detachable Side Table and Carry Bag
  • ????Detachable Footrest: Featuring a side pocket and adjustable armrests with a detachable side table, this chair is comfy and fully...
  • ????Unique Design with Cup Holder: With two soft artificial leather armrests of the portable folding chair, you can feel more comfortable....

Finally, we wanted to introduce to you the reclining chair that can also act in
place of your camping bed.
XGear have gone to the next level to create a reclining camping chair allowing you to lounge back in luxurious style to watch the sun go down and the stars twinkle one-by-one.

The best part?

They include a small and detachable side table that is designed to also be used as a footrest.

Meaning, you can lie down and sleep in your luxury folding camping chair.
Keeping in line with the deluxe element, XGear also feature cup holders and a side pocket with easy chair set-up.

Luckily, all these add-ons don’t add too much in terms of weight. It’s only 6.6kg, making it a good carry when hiking up to the campsite.

And, in terms of the size, the reclined chair with footrest is a hefty 150cm long, 54cm wide and 76cm tall.

Are Camping Chairs Waterproof?

Camping chairs definitely can be waterproof. Or, more so, water-resistant.

luxury camping chair

However, this will depend on the make or model so, be sure to double check.
In order for a camping chair to be waterproof, it needs to be made out of specialised

Look out for these materials and fabrics when buying your next luxury
folding camping chairs:

• eVent
• PU (polyeurethene) coated nylon
• Teflon coated polyester
• HydroTex
• Hydrofilm
• Canvas
• Treated cotton
• Silpoly (silicone impregnated polyester)
• Silnylon (silicone impregnated nylon)

What is the Lightest Camping Chair?

The lightest camping chairs won’t typically be your luxury folding camping chairs.
Instead, they’ll be simplistic and compact light-weight chairs made with a hollow-pole

luxury camping chair

Yet, they don’t have to be made out of the cheapest materials; there are good quality
camping chairs that are made with lightweight functionality in mind for those unable to take much weight or already have enough in their backpack.

When you’re looking around, note that camping chairs can range from 0.5kg all the way up to 8kg for the luxurious glamping-style seats.
However, if you’re looking for luxurious folding camping chairs with lightweight functionality as a prime feature, the Sunmer Padded Camping Chairs are the choice for you.

With padded comfort and a weight of just 3.3kg, you’re sorted.

With that, we can conclude the five top luxury folding camping chairs and what features you could be looking out for in the hunt for the perfect parking space for your tush.

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