✅ Fast boil camping kettle

If you’re looking for a fast boil camping kettle for your next trip, we’ve picked 5 of our favourites to show you.

Cooking over an open fire when you’re camping is one of the best parts about the trip for many people. Gathering round a fire and nattering as the evening goes on can make the whole trip.

A fast boil camping kettle need to be easy to pack, safe, lightweight and big enough to make a cuppa for everyone in your party.


These are our favourites:

Ridgemonkey Square Kettle

Ridgemonkey Square Kettle 0.5ltr, 10C5060432149956C10
  • UNIQUE CUBED DESIGN - The square kettle design provides a large surface area which ensures a faster and more efficient boil.
  • ERGONOMIC FOLDING HANDLES - Compact and easy to store, this kettle can fight into the smallest of spaces.

This square kettle by Ridgemonkey is pretty awesome. The square design provides a larger base than usual meaning your water boils really fast. The handles fold down and having two of them gives you more control when lifting it off the fire when it’s full.

A well made kettle that can be used on any direct heat source, this’ll last you for many camping trips!

1.1 Litre Heat Transfer Fast Boil Metal Kettle Camping

New Carp Fishing Tackle 1.1 Litre Heat Transfer Fast Boil Metal Kettle Camping
  • A durable, lightweight 1.1L fast boil kettle with folding handle, constructed from anodised aluminium.
  • (This kettle has a heat trap system that makes it up to 30% more efficient than other outdoor kettles.)

This outdoor kettle comes with a built in heat trap meaning it boils 30% faster than others in it’s category. It’s on the small side, ideal for 1-2 adults, perhaps not for a whole group. The folding handle is good for packing and weighs only 235g.

Portable Hard Aluminium Camping Kettle 1L / 1.6L

This Tentock fast boil camping kettles available in 2 size, and has a heat proof silicone handle for ease of use.

The larger size suits a family camping trip, and has a small spout design to avoid the hot water boiling out. This one’s scratch proof, being made of aluminium and the handle fold away for small storage.


Overmont Ultralight Camping Cookware Set

This kettle from Overmont is made of hard anodised aluminium, and at 0.8L or 1.2L, is better suited to one or two hot drinks at a time. It’s super light weight, with an ergonomic handle design and can be bought as either the kettle on it’s own or as a cooking set.

OVERMONT 0.8/1.2L Camp Kettle Camping Cookware Set Outdoor Cooking Mess Kit Pots Pans Portable for Backpacking Hiking Trekking Picnic Fishing Mountaineering
  • Material: Made of anodised aluminium, and has good thermal conductivity, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Handle: The handle with heat-insulating silicone cover can stand upright or lie flat.

Sweet&rro17 Outdoor Camping Kettle

Sweet&rro17 Outdoor Camping Hiking Kettle Coffee Pot 0.8L Aluminum Portable Teapot Kettle, Survival Water Kettle for Camping Hiking Picnic
  • Camping cooking kettle Size: 800ml, diameter 140mm, height 80mm, cover diameter 90mm, outlet diameter 18mm.
  • Foldable handle, insulation and ergonomic design, feel comfortable, prevent hands from being burned.

Another kettle on the smaller side and suitable for 1-2 cups of tea or coffee, this kettle is designed with a threaded base for faster boiling. Meeting EU & US food safety standards, this corrosion resistant kettle arrives in it’s own mesh bag for storage.

✅ How do you boil a kettle when camping?

The old fashioned traditional method of boiling water when you’re camping is to simply boil water over an open fire. You need to make sure there is a steady base for the kettle (or pan etc..) to sit on and isn’t going to topple over, and your water doesn’t take long to boil at all.

Many campers, especially if you camp regularly, have a hot plate or gas ring that they use for boiling water. A lot of camp sites no longer allow you to have an open fire, and prefer you to have a safer heat source.

fast boil camping kettle

✅ What is the fastest boiling kettle?

The kettles that have the widest bases are the ones that will boil your water fastest, simply because there’s a bigger area that sits directly on the heat source. The Sweet&rro17 kettle has a threaded base which allows for better heat distribution, but all of these kettles are pretty speedy at boiling the water.

✅ Can you boil water over charcoal?

Yes, you can boil water over pretty much any direct heat source as ling as your kettle is suitable to be placed on it. A kettle made for camping or any outdoor use will give you the specifications and you’ll know if it’s suitable for an open charcoal fire.

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