Best Inflatable Camping Chairs

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Looking for inflatable camping chairs? They’re space saving and comfortable, what’s not to love?!

✅ Inflatable camping chairs

Sometimes you need to head out to a camping site with the kitchen sink in-tact and often it
can mean looking for space-saving options in other areas.

One of which: the inflatable camping chair!

Of course, here at Camping Cubs, we’ve already given the run-down of the best camping chairs in 2021 (read that here!), but sometimes, foldable chairs don’t quite cut it in terms of weight and space.

So, whether you’re heading out in the car straight to the campsite with family and little ones or if you’re taking the hike up to the stunning no-mad campsites that our beautiful island has to offer, we’ve got some inflatable camping chair options for you.

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✅ The Best Inflatable Camping Chairs

They take up far less space, they’re much lighter to carry and they only require a little hot air from the lungs (when you forget the pump) at the top.

Having the back-up of an inflatable chair can be a saviour to the camping trip.
Especially when you can have camping sofas to share, lounge and enjoy with your loved ones around the campfire.
Have a look at the top five choices for inflatable camping chairs:

The KingCamp Inflatable Sofa Chair

KingCamp Camping Large Inflatable Sofa Chair with Foot Pump Comfortable Durable 108 x 78 x 70 cm Blow Up Camp Seat for Outdoor and Indoor
  • ★★【Oversize】 Large size of 108 x 78 x 70 cm provides users a sufficient space. The sofa seat is 40 cm high and the back is 30 cm...
  • ★★【Environmentally Friendly & Durable】 Made of 1000D oxford fabric---tear-resistant, strong & durable, water-repellent. The airbag...

An oversized seat for your tush, this is the key item missing from your camping

The KingCamp Inflatable Sofa Chair is an oversize, environmentally friendly, waterproof designed, easy-inflate, foot pedal operation, swift clean stool and more.

Is there anything else you could possibly need?
While it can be a little weightier than some of the foldable counterparts (3.6kg rather than 2.4kg), it will take up far less space and be a much more comfortable camping chair to relax on as the sun goes down.

When inflated, the sofa chair measures a whopping 108cm long, 78cm wide and 70cm high.

The Chillbo Schwaggins Inflatable Couch

Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch – Cool Inflatable Chair. Upgrade Your Camping Accessories. Easy Setup is Perfect for Hiking Gear, Beach Chair and Music Festivals. (Black)
  • ? Take your inflatable couch anywhere. Perfect camping accessories for hikers, campers and outdoor Lovers. The Chillbo Shwaggins inflatable...
  • ? Patent pending design is super versatile for maximum comfort. The Chillbo Shwaggins portable hammock is perfect for tailgating, festivals...

Much like the name suggests, you’ll be chilling as deeply as it comes when sinking into the inflatable camping chairs from Chillbo.

This inflatable option for a seat is a much-loved essential among the team here at Camping Cubs.

Weighing in at just 1.8kg, it is a lightweight and small object to fit into your camping rucksack and hike around the British hills.

Inflating the couch takes no lung capacity, motor or foot pedal, just your arm power.

When you unfold the inflatable couch, you need to hold it at the opening, run it through the air to catch wind and then close. Jump on and enjoy.

It is a great option for multiple campers fitting on the same couch log while also allowing you to lie down and double-up as the bed!

With dimensions of 213cm long, 60.9cm wide and 91.5cm high there’s no reason not to allow yourself the ease and comfort of Chillbo.
Plus, there’s 12 unique patterns to choose from! For simplicity, colour, comfort and style on a budget, there’s no need to look further.


The Zavy Inflatable Chair

Normally, inflatable chairs feature a material that can be sticky when lounged on in the hot sun.

However, the design of the Zavy Inflatable Chair features faux leather. It is specially designed to remove that sticky plastic feeling.

As well as this, it inflates to a hugging 85cm long, 85cm wide and 53cm High in just 60 seconds.
When you’re out camping and you’ve been for a wander, there’s nothing you’ll want more than something that can inflate as quickly as this in order to rest your poor souls and soles.

The Orsen Waterproof Air Sofa

Another camping lazy bag has hit the top five list for inflatable camping chairs.

This waterproof bag is easily inflated and can be used on the beach, in the water, on a mountain, in the lakes or simply in the garden.
Plus, you even get a pouch to store your favourite drinks.

Ribena for the youngens and *Ribena for the adults!

Whether it’s couch mode or lounge style you’re after, the Orsen Waterproof Sofa will keep air for 5 to 6 hours at a time.

Meaning it is also the perfect low-storage option for a bed substitute, too!

The Yawn Air Chair Inflatable

YAWN AIR Chair Inflatable Camping Seat For Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • COMFORT & CONVIENIENCE - YAWN Air Chair is designed for your comfort, whether you’re at home, visiting friends and family or at the...
  • COMFORT & CONVIENIENCE - YAWN Air Chair is designed for your comfort, whether you’re at home, visiting friends and family or at the...

The Yawn Air Chair Inflatable is a specially designed seat for your tush in the outdoors.
The base of this inflatable armchair has been bolstered in order to increase durability against unforgiving camping surfaces like stones, rocks and nibbling bugs.

Inflating to 81cm long, 94cm wide and 74cm high, it is the perfect seat for comfort in front of the late-night campfire with marshmallows and hot dogs. But, not necessarily in that order.

It makes for the perfect camper try-out before wanting to invest in a long-term option for camp seating.

best inflatable camping chairs

✅ How Do You Inflate a Camping Chair?

With the different types of inflatables, comes different ways to inflate them! But, don’t worry, there’s really only four you should be aware of.

The first is the motor pump. You’ll find these most commonly associated with the air
bed (which means, when you lose one, you can steal the other!).

Simply attach the battery-powered motor pump to your chair, switch it on and watch your place of comfort for the day grow.

The pedal-operated pump is next on the list.

Simply attach the pedal to the chair and start pumping with your foot.

Sometimes this can take a little while however it saves the environment on energy and saves your wallet on batteries.

Third to note is lungpower.

Perch your face against the hole in the chair and blow air!
The final and quickest way to inflate a camping chair is to use the air sofa technique.
Open your chair and waft it through the wind.

Air will catch in the tunnel and – when it does – close the end and you’re done.

✅ Are Inflatable Chairs Comfortable?

This is a slightly loaded question. We have the positive answer and the not-so-positive
The good answer is that an inflatable lounger can be very comfortable once you have
found the right position.

There are no metal frames to accidentally dig into your side and the air pockets conform to your body.

Plus, when it’s decompresses and ready to travel, it’s a comfortable shape to carry.
However, getting in and getting out can sometimes be as difficult as getting on and off
an air bed.

So, if you’re acquainted with the old airbed, you should be just fine!

inflatable chair for camping

Be sure to tell us which inflatable camping chairs you found best for you.
Don’t forget to tie them down to something when it’s windy, otherwise you might find
yourself investing in more than just the one while watching yours flee away past the horizon.

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