The Best Camping Coffee Percolator For Your Trip

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What could be better than waking up to the crisp air of the great outdoors? A hot mug of real coffee, and the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, that’s what! Taking a coffee percolator on your camping trip is considered perfectly normal, even expected, these days, and so getting the best coffee percolator for camping is important. And we’re here to show you our favourites and help you make an informed purchase.

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Best Camping Coffee Percolator

In a hurry? These are our top picks:

The Top Percolators For Camping

Petromax Camping Kaffeekanne Coffee

Petromax Enamel Coffee Pot Black black Size:1.5 Litres
1,395 Reviews
Petromax Enamel Coffee Pot Black black Size:1.5 Litres
  • Easy to use: the Petromax percolator is the ideal coffee or tea maker for the independent outdoor kitchen.
  • Wide range of products: the percolator includes a coarse sieve instead of a filter. As no coffee oils are filtered out, no bitter substances...

This enamelled steel coffee percolator can make a decent 1.5L of coffee, so it’s good for a group or a couple of cups each to get you started in the morning. While the pot is enamelled, the body is made of steel and gets hot, very hot, so don’t forget your fire glove when you’re packing or you’ll be waiting a while before you can get this off the fire and into your mug, and of course, 1.5L of coffee is heavy, so lots of care needs to be taken, as always.

It comes in 2 colours and does what it says on the tin, really, makes coffee. It’s easy to clean, and the coffee basket cleans well and the coffee grounds are easy to get out and fully clean. Be aware of the logo on the side, it’s pretty big! There’s no issue with this in as far as the use of the pot goes, but it’s fairly imposing.

There’s not a lot anyone can do to make packing a coffee percolator easier, but we stored the coffee beans inside the post when travelling so at least all your coffee-ing equipment is in one place when you need to find it. This is a really nice looking, well made coffee percolator and should last well.


Color‎Black – Black
Size‎1.5 Litres
Material composition‎Enamelled steel
Material type‎Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions‎18.5 x 18.5 x 20.5 cm; 998 Grams

Wild Camping International stainless steel coffee percolator

Wild Camping International stainless steel coffee percolator
5 Reviews
Wild Camping International stainless steel coffee percolator
  • Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • 8 cup capacity

This coffee percolator is made from stainless steel and has a very cool Bail handle so you can hang it over a fire, instead of sitting it in the embers. It can make a very respectable 8 cups of coffee in one go, and the view window on top lets you see when the coffee is ready to your liking.

  • The percolator inside the pot is removable, giving you the option to use it only for boiling water, and this is great as camping equipment that had two uses is so handy when you’re off camping.
  • Wild camping make products that last, so the quality of this pot is as you’d expect. It may gain some bumps and knocks along the way, but this is a coffee pot you’ll still be using 10 years from now. An all round very good buy!
Material type‎Stainless Steel
Batteries included?‎No
Brand‎Wild Camping
Manufacturer‎Wild Camping International Limited
Package Dimensions‎31.2 x 23.6 x 19.8 cm; 870 Grams

Oregon Trail Camping Coffee Pot

Slightly bigger than the last pot we looked at this Oregon Trail camping coffee pot is also a fantastic quality product. Being able to make 10 cups of coffee makes it more suited to bigger groups. Of course you can heat up as much water as you’re going to use if there’s less of you, but it’ll be more efficient to use a pot suited to your camping party size.

The wide base of this pot gives it some serious stability on the fire embers, and the cap lid is see through, so you can see when your coffee is ready and good to go.

This is a lightweight, decent bit of camping kit, that can go through the dish washer when you get home again!


Brand‎Oregon Trail
Product Dimensions‎18 x 16.5 x 24 cm; 748 Grams
Capacity‎10 Cups
Material‎Stainless Steel
Item Weight‎748 g

Texsport Aluminum Coffee Maker for Camping

Texsport Aluminum 20 Cup Percolator Coffee Maker for Outdoor Camping
  • 20 Cup Aluminum Percolator
  • Percolator stem and basket included

This beast of a camping coffee percolator can make a whopping 20 cups of coffee – so this is for the serious coffee loving group of campers! The quality of this pot is reasonable for the price, but we don’t feel like this would last for years and years.

You may well find this pot with a few knocks and dents after a short period of time, but this is to be expected in a product like this one. If you’re looking for a coffee pot for a one off or couple of trips and there’s a lot of you, this pot might suit you well.


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 26.92 x 18.03 x 18.03 cm; 566.99 Grams

Coletti “Bozeman” Percolator Coffee Pot

This Coletti coffee pot is one of our favourites. It’s an extremely well made pot, built to last. The handle is Rosewood, which not only look lovely but stops the handle becoming to hot to handle (see what I did there?!).
You don’t need to use filters with the coffee basket this percolator comes with, however, it does come with filters, so as to prevent you having to clean the basket while you’re adventuring in the middle of no where.

Like all camping percolators, coffee grounds can get stuck in the baskets and then getting into your coffee, and lining the basket with a filter does prevent his. Although as we said, they’re not strictly necessary.

This pot’s very easy to clean while you’re away on your trip, and then stick in the dishwasher when you return home again. A perfect little coffee pot!

Colour‎Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions‎20.57 x 14.61 x 20.57 cm; 1.02 Kilograms
Capacity‎12 Cups
Item Weight‎1.02 kg

Percolating Coffee Over A Campfire

The longer you leave your coffee, the stronger the coffee will be. I usually use one spoonful of ground coffee beans to a mug of coffee: This gives you a strong(ish) mug of coffee.

Heating your coffee percolator over the embers of a camp fire is best, you’ll want to avoid putting the percolator into direct flames.

Once your water’s reached boiling point, move the percolator off the direct heat of your camp fire and let it sit. 6-7 minutes will give you a regular coffee, and of course the more coffee you use and longer, you leave it, the more intense the coffee will be.

Just don’t forget to sit back while the percolator’s doing its thing, you win twice: The beautiful smell from the embers and brewing coffee. To many of us, it doesn’t get much better than that!

How To Choose A Percolator

Choosing a coffee percolator to take camping with you comes down to 3 things really:

  • Quality – You’ll want to choose a quality percolator of you want it to last for quite a few camping trips. Check the lid hinge, how well the handle is attached to the body and how it feels when you’re holding it when it’s full. It also needs to have a good, sturdy base. These are sitting over the embers of a fire, so from a safety point of view, these need to be stable.
  • Size – Get a coffee percolator that’s going ton provide enough coffee for everyone who wants it, in one sitting. Using a camping percolator is never going to be as quick as your percolator at home, and so you’d probably like to be able to make coffee for everyone, in one go. The capacity of the percolator will be listed on the specific product.
  • Weight – Camping usually means loading the car until there’s not a scrap of room left, so everything in it needs to be no bigger or heavier than it needs to be. Camping coffee percolators are not very heavy at all, some are more than others of course, but we’re usually talking a few grams either way. Check the packaging to make sure.

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