Best Kids Camping Bunk Beds UK

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We’ve reviewed the best kids camping bunk beds in the UK and are going to tell you about them here!

Having kids bunk beds in a tent is a great way to save space while making sure everyone gets a good nights sleep, without being squished up on the floor, plus they provide a way to keep bedding off the ground and from getting damp.
Here’s a sneak peek at out top 3:

Kids camping bunk beds

While they might not be the cheapest option for kids bedding, they’re pretty long lasting and can see your child through from the early years right up until they likely don’t want to camp with you anymore!

If camping is something you plan on doing often, kids bunk beds should be on your list of camping essentials!

We’ve reviewed and have the best camping bunk beds on the UK market.

Kid-O-Bunk Portable Mobile Camping Bed

Kid-O-Bunk Kids' Portable Mobile Camping Bed, Lime Green, Size 12
  • Easy to transport - two carry bags
  • Two bunks in same space as single bed

This Kid-O-Bunk is one of the best selling camping bunk beds for kids in the UK, and it’s easy to see why.

Folding up into two bags make it easy and lightweight enough for the kiddos to carry is just the start of this bunk beds awesome features. Not only does this bunk bed set do its main job of, well, acting like a bunk bed, but it can be two single beds and a sofa, and if you’re camping with little ones in tow, you’ll know camping equipment that doubles up as anything else is good 🙂

There are no tools required to put this together, another big plus point, the covers are machine washable and it comes with handy little storage pockets with zip up mesh compartments. The material part of the bunk comes away totally from the supporting poles so it’s easy to get this completely clean after a camping trip.

This bunk bed needs no mattress, perhaps just a roll for added comfort although this isn’t a must, and the top bunk is low enough to climb up onto just by stepping on the bottom bunk, so no ladder required.

This portable bunk bed is aimed at kids aged between 7-12. There’s no guard to stop teenies falling out of bed, but this is aimed at slightly older kids anyway.
This really is a fantastic bit of kit if you’ve got kids, and not only for camping. It will be super handy for a trip to the grandparents or if they’re having friends over to stay. It’s compact enough when folded to be stored away easily without the hassle of having to get it out of the garage every time you need it.
Here’s a list of features:

  • Easy to transport – two carry bags
  • Two bunks in same space as single bed
  • 70% Steel, 30% Fabric
  • Machine washable covers
  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble – no tools required
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • No mattress or ladder required

Our verdict? The Creme De La Creme of kids camping bunks!

Outdoor Camping Bunk Bed

Outdoor Camping Bunk Bed
  • Ideal for small sized tents when extra room is needed
  • Two beds in the space of one.

While the Kid-O-Bunk is a high end piece of kit, this is more of a budget version better suited for less frequent use, if you don’t plan on camping much. That said, it’s still a well priced kids camping bunk set, that adults can use as well as is ideal for smaller tents.

You do need a few tools to put this bunk set together, but it comes with the tools required, along with a carry bag for ease of transport.

This bunk is sturdy and strong, which is great. The downside of this is that it’s also heavy, weighing in at 25.3kg, so take this into consideration when you’re shopping for bunks. The other thing to bear in mind is the length when packed away. It’s 6ft long, so if you’ve got a way to walk from the car to the camping pitch, this may not be the bunk bed set for you.
It’s comfortable: the bed bases give a good nights sleep, and as with the previous bunks, there’s no guard, so not ideal for smaller kids, and you’ll likely need two adults to out this together.
For a one off trip this is fine, and cheaper than the Kid-O-Bunk if you don’t want that outlay.

Oztrail Camping Bunk Deluxe Double BUNK

Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed 2XL, Black with Side Pockets, Camping Lounger, Bunk Bed or Seat, Extra Wide Lying Area
  • Extra-wide and comfortable camping bed for camping and excursions
  • Also ideal as a guest chair

This Oztrail Camping Bunk Delux is a king of camping bunk beds, although not our favourite purely due to the pretty high price. However, this is the deluxe version and is extra wide and can be used by adult as well as kids, so it’s a really good option if you’re a seasoned camper and need something to suit all eventualities.
You can set this set up as bunks, single beds or a seating.

As with the first bunk we reviewed, this needs no tools, and is easily carried (and stored!) in carry bags. It also has some additional features we really like. The bottom bunk has a ’rounded frame’ so it’s able to compensate for uneven ground, which is pretty awesome.

It also has safety belts, which is a good feature, and a load capacity per bed of 226 kg.

What comes in the box?

  • 2 rounded frames (for lower bed)
  • 2 straight frames (for top bed)
  • 2 black polyester mats
  • 8 black discs
  • 8 outer poles
  • 4 centre bars
  • 4 foot plugs
  • 2 black transport pockets
  • 4 additional pieces
  • 2 safety belts

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What age is bunk bed suitable for?

These bunks we’ve reviewed are suitable for kids aged from 7 upwards, mainly due to the fact they have no bed guards. Although these bunks are not as tall as the bunk beds you might have at home, it’s still a long way for little ones to fall if they happen to roll out of bed after a hard day exploring the great outdoors.
You can buy bed guards, but unless they’re made specifically for the brand of camping bunk bed you’re planning to get, we wouldn’t advise you trust them with really young kids.

Can bunk beds collapse?

All of the bunk beds we reviewed collapsed, as they’d have to for a camping trip! Some are easier to collapse than others, so think about the setting up and packing away of the bunk set you choose before you make your purchase.