The Best Places to Camp in Winter

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Winter is a magical time of year that drastically changes the way you camp. From what to when and how: here’s how to find the best places to camp in Winter.

Answering this question takes us to another question, are you wanting to embrace the snowy wonderland, find an excluded path in the British wilderness or head off the island for a new Wintery escape in a land far away?


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Best Places to Camp in Winter

All these factors will dwindle-down where you’ll want to go and hopefully give you a good choice to spend your Winter get-away. Of course, there’s absolutely no question as to why you might want to escape during the colder months. After all, it’s darker, colder and we simply just don’t get out as much.

So, pushing ourselves out the front door to one of the best places to camp in Winter will help us get some of the two hours of Vitamin D available, breathe in some crisp fresh morning air and be a little more active in our escape. Which, in turn, keeps us happy and healthy throughout the rest of the season. 

Being a family who seem to be in our tent and camper van a little more than we are in our own home, we thought we’d share some of our favourite all-year camping destinations. Disclosure: we haven’t been to every single one of them, but we have heard great things about them all and they’re being checked-off the bucket list at every chance!


All-Year Camping

Now, let’s get going with the 6 decisions you should make about finding the best Winter camping locations:

Decide if You Want to Use a Campervan

First up, you need to be setting in stone whether it’s going to be a Winter wonderland with just the tent fabric between you and the stary night sky or an entire metal shell of a camper van. 

When you have kids, the choice could probably be narrowed down to using the camper or the camper (there really isn’t a choice). However, if you’re fancying a trip into the wilderness on your lonesome or beside the people you love, then there’s no fuss. You can go for a tent or even a bivvy bag.

However, when it comes to the cold, you’ll want to make use of your camper’s engine and electrics in order to get some heat through the night. Plus, it gives you that little extra room for storage. Big socks and extra layers take up space, you know!

Our Top 5 Best Places to Camp in Winter Snow for Campervans:

  • Corriefodly Holiday Park, in Scotland
  • Snowdonia Parc Campsite, in England
  • Scotgate Holiday Park, in England
  • Blair Castle Caravan Park, in Scotland
  • Celtic Camping Park, in Wales

Decide if You Want to Go to a Campsite

After choosing whether you’re venturing out to the Winter camping locations with a tent or a camper van, you need to consider what type of camping you want to do. There’s street camping, there’s wild camping and there’s campsite camping.

Here at Camping Cubs, we have our favourite choice: the campsite. But that’s only because it gives you peace of mind throughout the night, especially when the little ones are cosying up to sleep. 

Heading out to a campsite brings (almost) a guarantee you’ve got access to all the necessary facilities such as an electrical hook-up, running water (i.e., comfy toilet options and showers) plus some extra activities on top. Heading out to a pre-booked campsite (or even turning up ad-hoc on your touring road trip) means you know you’re allowed to be there instead of playing a guessing game with street camping or wild camping. 

To find out more about using an electrical hook-up, have a look at our other blog; “How to Make an Electric Hook-Up for Camping”.

Our Top 5 Campsites Open for All-Year Camping:

  • Keswick Club Site, in England
  • Black Horse Farm, in England
  • Poolsbrook Country Park, in England
  • Cotswolds Camping at Holycombe, in England
  • The Old Vicarage at Elkesley Campsite, in England

Decide if You Want to See the Snowy Mountain Tops

Next on this episode of Camping Cubs Decision Time, it’s worth having a think about your Winter getaway in terms of the sight. You’re camping in Winter for a reason, right?

Well, if you’re just wanting all-year camping options, you’re probably not too fussed about making sure you’re seeing some snowfall or glistening mountain tops. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best places to camp in Winter just to be a part of nature’s magical Winter wonderland, you’ll want to know where promised snowfall will be.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the tallest tips of the UK that get the most snow throughout the Winter months. Which means, because Scotland is also the closest to the Arctic circle, it’s your best bet for finding stunning views of the Wintery peaks.

Although, finding this snow means heading out on a tour of wild camping! So, don’t try booking any campsites without knowing you’ll have to take a hike for the breath-taking views. 

For more information on wild camping, including the legalities and the best practices, we suggest reading through our guides; “Where Can I Go Camping for Free in the UK?” and “Adventure 101: How to Pack a Rucksack for Wild Camping”.


Our Top 5 Best Places to Camp in Winter When Wild Camping:

  • Cairngorm National Park, in Scotland
  • The Shetland Islands, in Scotland
  • The Loch of Hundland, in Scotland
  • Eskdalemuir Civil Parish, in Scotland
  • Knockanrock Crag, in Scotland

Decide if You Want to Travel Elsewhere

Here in the UK, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to camping in amazing places. After all, we have a range of holiday types given the Peaks, the Lakes, the Lochs and the four countries of the UK. 

However, that doesn’t mean to say we have everything. For one, we don’t have the Alps. So, sometimes, escaping to the continent is the answer. It gives us all a taste of something new. Plus, they also have all-year camping locations and sites for us to use. 

That said, if you do choose to venture into Europe’s Winter camping locations, there are a few things you should keep at the front of your mind so the trip stays relaxing and enjoying. 

First, remember to keep adaptors on-hand for your electric hook-ups. Second, keep British snacks for the journey in case you find you’re more of a picky eater than you thought (especially when it comes to the kids!). Third, try planning your route through the German Autobahn for a quicker time from A to B. 

Our Top 5 Winter Camping Locations in Europe:

  • Camping Grubhof, in Austria
  • Alpe di Siusi, in Italy
  • Magic Wood Bodhi Camping, in Switzerland
  • Camping Aufenfeld, in Austria
  • Le Champ du Moulin, in France

Decide if You Want the Winter

Choosing whether or not you actually want to be a part of the Winter sun when you go on holiday is, of course, a key part to igniting the engine and putting your foot down. 

It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s just doesn’t bring that same ‘holiday’ experience for some. Then again, going abroad and getting a hotel alongside all the meals is a pricey endeavour. So, heading for Winter camping locations in the Southern Hemisphere is the answer to your problems.

Our Winter is their Summer!

Our Top 5 Best All-Year Camping Locations in The Southern Hemisphere:

  • Ayres Rock Campground, in Australia
  • Tietiesbaai Beach Camp, in South Africa
  • Mount Maunganui Beachside Holiday Park, in New Zealand
  • Fiddlers Creek Campsite, in South Africa
  • Dunk Island View Caravan Park, in Australia

Decide if You Want to Be Close to Civilisation

The final decision to be making on the road trip to finding the best places to camp in Winter for you and your troop is how close you want to be to towns and cities. 

Many of the Winter camping locations we’ve given so far have been about finding ideal places to experience the sun or snow rather than the activities or experiences. And, if you’re a city explorer who loves all-year camping, you’ll probably want a taste of the best Winter camping locations a little closer to life. 

The best part to having the city Winter campsite in your road trip is being able to experience both nature and life all throughout Winter. Imagine sleeping under the stars at night and then walking through the Christmas market during the day; there’s not much that can beat it.

Our Top 5 Winter Camping Locations Close to Towns:

  • Cirencester Park Caravan Club Site, in England
  • Elaghvale Camping Park, in Northern Ireland
  • Naburn Lock Caravan Park, in England
  • Willowbank Holiday Home Park, in England
  • Mortonhall Caravan & Camping Park, in Scotland

So, there we have the 6 decisions you must make in order to effectively find, route and plan your camping trip throughout the Winter season. Whether you’re staying at home or heading abroad, and whether you decide to travel on wheels or afoot, there’s the perfect Winter getaway for everyone. 

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