The Best Electric Hot Plates For Camping

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Camp fires are pretty awesome when you’re camping, there’s no denying that, but throw into the mix the little issue of the British weather and suddenly having an alternative way to cook a hot dinner seems very appealing! We’ve reviewed the best electric hot plates for camping, and have the run down here.

Short on time? These are our top 3:

Induction Hob Portable

This induction electric hotplate heats rapidly and uses 2000w power with 10 power levels to meet your various cooking demands. Induction cooktop could deliver 90% of the heat to the pan to provides quick heat-up and 50% faster cooking time than a traditional electric stove or gas stove, which saves your 50% energy and time, it’s pretty cool.

This induction hob offers multiples safety protections such as Overheat Protection, Auto Shut off if no cookware is detected, up to 3 Hours Timer and Child Safety Lock for the maximum in kids safety also GREAT for ‘older’ folks as well!

There is a built-in Error Diagnosis System to help you locate any issues, and the hotplate works with magnetic induction cookware like cast iron, iron, stainless steel, and enamelled iron cookwares which diameter should be in 12cm to 26cm in order to work correctly, so there’s plenty of choice.

There’s a digital sensor touch control panel that is extremely easy to use, just one touch slightly to adjust temperature, power and timer. No open flame and no gas makes this much safer than a gas stove!

Lightweight & compact makes this hot plate portable and easy to clean, great for home/outdoor cooking and of course, camping.

The dimension is 290x355x61mm(2.4kg)

SUNAVO Hot Plates for Cooking, Electric Hob with Handles

This electric double hot plate has a high power of 1500w and 1000w, allowing you to cook pasta while pan-frying steak at the same time.

Multi-purpose double hot plate: The hot plate comes with 6-level temperature control to meet various cooking needs. It can be used to keep food warm, boil water, cook soup, fry steak etc. Coupled with its compact and portable characteristics, it’s suitable for camping, holidays, parties etc…

Heat insulated and portable handles allow you to move the hot plate to any place safely and easily. and with overheating protection, the hot plate will be auto-off (light off) when the temperature goes too high, and auto-on (light on) when it returns to normal. One thing to be aware of, always check the hot plates off at the mains, in case it auto turns on!

Suitable for all types of cooking utensils: Aluminum pots, copper pots, cast iron frying pans and non-magnetic stainless steel pots can be used on the electric double hot plate, as long as they are flat-bottomed cooking utensils.

This is a great, reasonably priced bit of camping kit.

SUNAVO Electric Infrared Burner, 1200W Ceramic Glass Hot Plate

This hotplate heating time is rapid: 1000ml of water can be boiled in 5 minutes under maximum power, and there’s 6 power levels to choose form.

Suitable for all kinds pans, no specialist pans are required and you can take the regular pans you have at home.

High Efficiency & Energy Saving: This infrared burner adopts far-infrared energy assembly technique, to achieve vertical heat conduction and even heating; The heating efficiency of 900W electric infrared burner equals to 1200W ordinary hot plate. It can minimise heat loss and save energy.

It’s easy and safe to move anywhere with handles, perfect for camping trips, and when cooking is complete, turn the temperature control dial(s) to the off position, unplug unit to ensure that it is off for safety reasons obviously.

This is a fairly basic electric hotplate, but does the job well, and would suit a family that’s not camping too often.

Uten Stainless Steel Single Electric Hotplate

This easy to clean electric hotplate is well priced and easy to use. The 19cm diameter hotplate electric stove is suitable for flat cooking utensils such as frying pans, steak plates and aluminium cooking utensils.

There are non-slip rubber feet on the bottom of the electronic oven, which prevent slipping and the oven does not take up much space, making it great for camping trips and storage when you’re not using it.

Powered with 1000w, this is a quick heating hotplate, and would be perfect for a short family trip.

CUKOR Electric Hob for Cooking

Being small in size and light in weight, the compact design makes the burner take up little space, so’s a perfect travel solution. The cast-iron hot plate does need to be preheated for 10 minutes for best use, and it takes about 20 minutes for a hot plate to cool down, so it’s not the quickest of our picks, something to bear in mind if you’ll be rushed for time.

It is equipped with thermal fuse for overheating protection. This corrosion resistant hotplate comes with a 30-day return policy and an 18-month free replacement policy, so you can buy worry free.

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What is the best portable electric hob?

For most of us, a single plate electric hotplate is good enough when we’re on a camping trip, even with kids. No one really wants to spend hours cooking gourmet meals when they’re away and so being able to cook in one pan is okay.

However, there are two hotplate versions on the market so if you think two’s better than one, or there’s a seriously big group of campers that are going to need feeding, two might suit your needs better.

Personally, I love the induction version of the electric hotplate, not least because we’ve always camped with little ones in tow and so the safety aspects always appealed. Yes, they’re a little pricer than some of the other options but the peace of mind has been worth it to be. Plus, they’re well made and last!

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